Our Location

From Atlanta;
Get on I-85 south heading towards Montgomery/Columbus merge to the right after airport in Atlanta to Columbus. Staying on 85 through Columbus till you see the Cusseta/Albany Veterans Parkway. You will be heading east for 17 miles. Take a left onto 27 south. You will go approximately 67 miles and then you will follow the signs to Kolomoki State Park, go through the park till you reach the end of the road. Take a right, you are now on First Kolomoki Rd. Go 1.5 miles and we are on the right.

From Destin/Fort Walton/Mobile areas;
You will need to get on I-10 (the amount of miles you stay on 10 will vary upon where you get on) until you get to 231. Exit onto 231 north. Stay on 231 north until you reach the Ross Clark Circle in Dothan Al. Take a right on the circle and follow it till you get to the exit for hwy 52 east towards Columbia Al. Head east on 52. At the time you cross over the Chattahoochee River you are now in Georgia and the road becomes hwy 62. Follow hwy 62 till you reach the hwy 62 bypass. You will turn left and continue till you reach intersection of 62 and 27. Turn left on 27 north going about ½ mile you will take the first left you come to which is first kolomoki rd. Follow this road about 5 miles and you will see the Kolomoki State Park entrance on right, continue for about 1.5 more miles and we are on the right.

From Tallahassee/Jacksonville/Tampa area
Hook up on I-10 at whatever point is the closest for you going west. Get off at the Havana hwy 27 north exit. Continue following hwy 27 north. You will stay on 27 north bypassing Blakely, after going past the college on your right get in the left lane and look for the sign to Kolomoki State Park. Take that left and then take the 2nd right which is called First Kolomoki rd. Go approximately 5 miles and you will see the Park entrance on your right, continue for about 1.5 miles and we are on your right

These are just a few ways to get here but between all of us and a gps or nav we will get you here. Some systems when putting in our address takes you south of us and that’s why I gave you few different ways to see how to get here and from there you can adapt…………..see you soon

latitude and longitude coordinates

31.485426, -84.941395