Deer Hunts

Christmas BucksBook your whitetail hunt now as we only offer a limited amount of hunts per season with a limited amount of persons.

Why do we do that? To insure you the best quality hunt possible.

We will be booking hunts beginning now until we fill up our allotted dates.

deer season starts mid Oct. and runs thru mid-Jan . Defiant dates will be out early summer on Georgia DNR site.

We can book your hunt  according to your schedule and dates that are avaliable. Monday – Sunday

If you are having lunch day of arrival you will need to arrive around 11:30 am if not having lunch you will need to be at lodge no later than 1:30pm. This will allow you to get settled in at cabin, meet and greet and spend some time at range. Range time is required by all. After range time the staff will go over all rules and regulations and give you a brief layout of your time with us.

????Then it’s time to get geared up to go on your hunt. As stated in our cover letter most of our stands are on the ground in deer boxes with chairs making it comfortable and out of the weather. All stands will either have feeders or will be over natural food sources.

You will be taken to stand and will be picked up at sundown or in the event a deer is harvested you will be given a number to call your guide and we will then come pick you and your deer up and proceed to the processor which is only a few miles away. Next on your schedule will be a wonderful supper and social time but keep in mind that morning hunts start early so get some shut eye!

PENTAX ImageSet your clock early because you will be picked up in time to be in stand right at sunrise. You will be picked up around mid-morning unless you have harvested a deer and then the same as above applies. Lunch will be served around noon. After lunch you can rest up at the cabin or shoot skeet, fish or get out and see some sites. We have some interesting activities and places to see within a 25 mile radius of the lodge. Kolomoki State Park is just a couple of miles down the road and you can visit the museum take a tour and visit the Indian mounds and park. George T Bagby State park is located about 18 miles from here and its located on beautiful 48,000acre Walter f George Lake. The lake is known for its giant largemouth bass and numerous amount of recreational activities Might want to bring your boat, or golf clubs cause right across the road from the State Park is Meadow Links 18 hole championship golf course. Voted number 6 best of affordable courses in the US. This course is one of the most beautiful golf vistas anywhere around. These are just a few things to get out and see that’s close by.

Around 3pm you will need to head back though because you will need to be in stand around 4pm or before, to enjoy the deer feeding in the 12 15 2014 corner 2 074late afternoon. In the event of late harvest of deer your supper will be in refrigerator at cabin to enjoy when you get back. Then it’s up again the next morning and you will either have lunch or head homeward.
Enjoy the pics and BOOK NOW DON’T WAIT!!!!! Check out our other hunts as they can be mixed in according to season. Thanks for looking and look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!